Teacher Rearrested, Faces Lewd Acts Felony Charges

John Kinloch, 41, was arrested Wednesday night

New charges have been filed against a Chula Vista teacher accused of luring children online, according to the sheriff’s department.

John Kinloch, 41, was arrested Wednesday night and charged with 12 counts of lewd and lascivious conduct with a child. He had previously been arrested last week, but posted bail.

The first grade teacher at Wolf Canyon Elementary School in Chula Vista faces 20 felony charges involving minors. One charge was for attempted molestation on a child younger than 14, and another included possession of child pornography.

His bail was set at $1.9 million in court on Friday.

The alleged victim's age was revealed to be 8 or 9 years old when they were a student at Feaster during the 2004-2005 school year, according to the district attorney's office. They also revealed two of the counts against him may have happened on school grounds.

Officials said that a minor came forward and reported that he had been molested by Kinloch several years ago.

District officials said they believe Kinloch performed the acts against a student while he was a teacher at Feaster Charter School. At the time of the molestation, the victim was a third grade student.

School officials say John Kinloch fooled them for 13 years. Regarded as a competent educator and trusting adult, Kinloch never led anyone to suspect this said Chula Vista Elem. School Dist.Supt. Francisco Escobedo.

"In a way, he fits the profile of these types of predators where they can be your best friend, those you can completely confide in," Escobedo said.

The Internet Crimes Against Children Taskforce said the acts occurred in 2004.

Officials also said he may have committed the same crime 17 years ago.

Federal agents believe the veteran teacher lured children on a website called "MeetMe" in order to obtain nude pictures of minors.

Last week, the Chula Vista Elementary School District handed out 900 letters informing parents of Kinloch’s arrest. The letter reassured parents that none of their students were targeted and none of the alleged crimes were committed on campus.

Officials from the Chula Vista Elementary School District said Kinloch had them fooled.

Regarded as a competent educator and trusting adult, Kinloch never led any of his colleagues to suspect he was involved in crimes against children.

According to investigators, there may be more victims out there. They’re in the process of contacting some of Kinloch’s former students who are now in middle school or high school in order to obtain more information.

Kinloch entered a not guilty plea on Friday and will reappear in court later this month.

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