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Family Concerned After Son With PTSD Accused of Robbery Disappears in Mexico

His family is concerned that Yeager may harm himself or others, after he has vanished in Mexico.

A San Diego marine veteran who was previously arrested and deported from Mexico, has returned there, in a disappearance that has alarmed his family Wednesday.

Tyler James Yeager, 39, has gone back to Mexico after he was charged in a robbery in Tijuana by Mexican authorities last April, announced the Family Spokesman Jonathan Franks.

Back in 2014, Yeager was booked into Montana's Ravalli County Detention Center for multiple charges, including sexual assault and various traffic offenses, according to Sheriff Steve Holton.

His family has notified law enforcement in San Diego, and is currently working to reach the U.S. Consulate in Tijuana to request that they notify Mexican law enforcement, explained Franks.

The family has asked for Yeager to be detained out of an abundance of caution because they are worried he may harm himself or others, said Franks.

Once a Mexican judge released Yeager from custody, the family was eager for him to resume treatment for his PTSD and meth addiction.

"The family's advocacy for Tyler's initial release was coupled with the expectation that he would re-enter treatment for PTSD," Franks said, in a statement. "We hope that when found, our Border Patrol will not let a U.S. Marine with PTSD lose on the streets of San Diego."

His family is exasperated that the U.S. Customs and Border Protection failed to stop Yeager from entering Mexico, despite having no I.D. and a previous deportation from the country on his record, added Franks.

No further information was immediately available.

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