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Scared to Testify Against Suspect in Horton Plaza Shooting: Ex-Girlfriend

Arrow Morris is accused of killing an innocent bystander in Downtown San Diego's Horton Plaza in June

The former girlfriend of an accused killer told a judge Monday she was scared to testify against the man at his preliminary hearing.

But the witness, identified only as "Ashley" offered powerful testimony against the defendant, 39-year-old Arrow Morris.

Morris, who police say is a documented gang member with a history of felony convictions, is accused of killing an innocent bystander in Downtown San Diego's Horton Plaza in June.

Another bystander was injured in the shooting which happened outside a comedy club on the shopping center’s top-floor.

The judge on the first day of Morris' preliminary hearing ordered the media not to reveal the witnesses' full-name, nor show her face.

Questioned by the prosecutor, Ashley said it was Morris who fired the shots. "There were a few gunshots," she said. "I saw the gun come out, and shots were fired."

The victim of the fatal shooting was a former Navy pilot who worked with the Navy’s SEAL team.

The second victim, who recovered, was visiting San Diego from Riverside. That victim was shot in the leg.

The witness said Morris came back to her home hours after the shooting.

She testified they had argued throughout the night, and that their arguing continued into the next morning.

At one point, the witness said Morris threatened her with a beer bottle inside her home, hours after the Horton Plaza shooting.

"One of the things he stated was basically like, 'I'll hit you with this bottle. I don't care. I'll kill you the same way I killed him,'" Ashley told the judge.

But under cross-examination, she changed her story somewhat and said she didn't actually see Morris fire the shots, even though she was very sure he did.

"So what you (told) the police, and what you said here a moment ago, is that you don't see him shoot anyone, but in your heart, you feel like he did?" the defense attorney asked her.

"Yes," the witness replied.

"And that’s the truth?"


Morris pleaded not guilty to the alleged crimes.

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