City Council Rejects Neighbors' Appeal to Housing Project in Encinitas

Some residents say they're worried about the safety of the neighborhood in case of a fire

Bonita Drive in Encinitas.

Opponents of a controversial housing development in Encinitas tried to get the City Council to scrap the project and took their complaints to Wednesday night's council meeting, but ended up losing the battle.

The proposed development is located on an empty 2-and-a-half-acre lot on Bonita Drive. It calls for nine 5,000-square-foot houses to be built and sold at market value. Another house would be refurbished and sold as affordable housing.

Some Bonita Drive residents aren't fans of the size of the development, andothers claim it would put residents in danger.

Bonita Drive dead-ends with a canyon at the end of it. Residents say if there were a fire in that canyon there would be only one way in and one way out on a very narrow road.

NBC 7's Rory Devine is at the council meeting in Encinitas where they are discussing a controversial housing project.

Opponents also maintain the proposal didn't take into account other concerns from residents like increased traffic and air quality.

A planning commission report from last month disputed the residents’ concerns last month and recommended the city should go ahead with the development.

Then on Wednesday the City Council voted 3-2 in favor of rejecting the neighbors' appeal to the project.

One neighbor told NBC 7 she plans to file a lawsuit against the city.

Check back for updates on the final City Council vote.

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