San Diego

Driver Sentenced to a Year Behind Bars in Encinitas Hit-and-Run Case

Justin Parker, 39, was sentenced Monday in a San Diego courtroom

A hit-and-run driver who stopped to check on his victim before leaving the scene will serve a year in prison and three years of probation. 

Justin Parker, 39, of Encinitas, was sentenced Monday in a San Diego courtroom for his role in a hit-and-run incident that landed a woman in the hospital with major injuries.

Parker, who pleaded guilty in January, will serve three years of probation and one year in custody. 

Parker was driving a Ford F-150 when he struck Ashley Mullins Lane on Encinitas Boulevard on Sept. 22. 

Lane, 33, was hospitalized for a month with head, spine, pelvis and limb injuries.

Prosecutors said Parker initially stopped his pickup and got out, spoke to people at the scene, and then got back into the truck and drove off.

He was arrested after his truck was found at a custom automotive shop in Riverside.

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