Don't Leave Home Without It

A wildfire is raging toward your neighborhood.  You only have seconds to grab your stuff and get out.  What are the chances you'll escape with everything you want or need? 

The scenerio has been all too real for too many San Diegans in recent years.  And you can bet most, if not all, realized too late they left behind vital papers or belongings that were later found to be irreplaceable.

Well, if you owned and had filled a "Dox Box 911" that wouldn't have happened.  At least that's the claim of the Del Mar man who invented it. 

It's sort of a survival kit for your personal items.  It's touted as being water resistant and flame retardant and offers compartments for bank books, flashlights, passports, prescription drugs and jewelries.

The box retails for $39.99.

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