Decision 2020

DJ Trades Dance Floor for Polling Place

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Over 4,000 poll workers in San Diego County are helping to make sure everyone’s vote is counted. The workers come from all walks of life and in some cases, have lost their regular, full-time job because of the pandemic.

Among them is Beau Doiron. He is a DJ who is used to managing the dance floor. Now, he’s running a polling place.

“I got goosebumps just talking about it. It’s so cool to be part of this,” Doiron said.

Despite the pandemic, the Registrar of Voters had plenty of applicants who wanted to help at the polls.

“I was initially motivated to help with elections because I wanted to get a hands-on view for how the election process went,” said Doiron. “We’re having a presidential election in a pandemic. So all of these poll workers, it’s so important that they’re here right now."

The pandemic has been especially challenging for Doiron. He used to work at music venues around the country, and at local pro-sports events. With live performances still on hold, his entire life has changed.

“As far as the work that I usually do, it’s really non-existent right now,” said Doiron.

“Usually, this time of year I’m tour DJing all over the country,” Doiron added.

Instead of keeping the dance floor moving, Doiron is now keeping voter lines moving, all while maintaining his distance.

“There’s a lot of sense of excitement out here. It feels like the day before the Superbowl or the day before Christmas. I think everyone is excited to be part of a big day in our country,” said Doiron.

In the previous primary election, the Registrar used 7,000 poll workers. In 2020, there are no volunteers. The polls are open for four days and there was additional training that required the Registrar to hire temporary workers.  There are 235 polling locations, compared to the usual 1,500.

Voters who are casting their ballot in person are required to use a face covering. Physical distancing is being enforced at all poll locations.

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