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Deputies Raid Lakeside Home, Find Drug Lab, Guns and Children Inside

Five people were arrested and face child endangerment and multiple substance-related charges

A team of deputies raided a house in Lakeside that neighbors say has drawn attention from law enforcement for more than a decade.

Sandra Hautkooper has been a neighbor to the home on Moreno Avenue for 25 years.

Over the last 15 years, there have been too many occupancy changes, and police visits to count, Hautkooper said.

The San Diego County Sheriff Department deputies raided the house again Thursday morning, this time as part of a narcotics investigation, and found a laboratory for concentrated cannabis product manufacturing, meth, cocaine, cash and firearms inside.

The product is called honey oil and it's made through an extremely unstable process involving butane, a highly flammable compound.

Five people inside the home between the ages of 26 and 43 were taken into custody. Deputies say there were also children present at the time of the raid.

“They did a flashbang on the house and woke everyone up," Hautkooper said.

Hautkooper said the neighborhood is calm otherwise -- the houses are on big lots and offer people privacy -- but the entire neighborhood has had to deal with that one problem house for too long.

“You can tell when they have made a batch of drugs. You know? All the cars come over," Hautkooper said. Needless to say, she wasn't very surprised when she learned why the house was raided and what deputies found.

Hazmat crews were called out to secure the scene because of the flammable and explosive materials found on the property.

All five people arrested face child endangerment and multiple substance-related charges.

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