Employee Fights Robbers at City Heights Diner

The employee's focus was on protecting the ladies who were eating inside.

You might call it risky, but some have called it heroic.

Imagine this: You're working the overnight shift at a restaurant.

Someone comes in, says they have a gun, demands cash, and ends up fighting with you. What would you do?

NBC 7 San Diego spoke with a very brave, 24-year-old man, who said his whole goal was to protect the ladies who were eating inside.

San Diego police say this happened in City Heights, at the Denny's restaurant, located along the 4300 block of University Avenue, in the Fairmont Village neighborhood.

The restaurant server said it was a serious fight.

They were knocking each other down. The employee was pushed into the back kitchen, then back out to the front of the restaurant. Two tables even flipped over.

NBC 7 asked the server about the feeling inside at the time. He said the women eating inside were silent.

He was not going to give that man money, and he would fight to protect those ladies.

Willise Chunn said he understands first hand, the importance of protecting them.

“When I see woman in danger I protect them because I have a daughter and [I wouldn’t want] anything…to happen to her,” he said.

“I wasn't afraid because the way that he was hesitant about a lot of stuff, and when you're hesitant about a lot of stuff that means there's something that you're hiding, so I felt that he didn't conceal any weapons or anything like that," Chunn said.

The suspect fled the scene. He was found, not too far away, near 44th Street and Polk Avenue and arrested for attempted robbery.

San Diego Police Department, Robbery, is investigating.

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