Student: Crash at Elementary School Was ‘Really Scary'

All students who were injured have been released from the hospital.

Students returned to Del Mar Heights Elementary School Monday following a parking lot crash that injured nine children during afternoon pickup on Friday.

A 70-year-old woman was behind the wheel of a Honda Civic in the school parking lot when she reversed and struck a parked car. She reacted by driving forward, up onto a sidewalk and into a group of children.

Among the nine children injured, police say an 11-month-old child in a stroller was pinned beneath the car, San Diego Police Department (SDPD) confirmed.

Del Mar Union School District Superintendent Holly McClurg told NBC 7 that all students who were injured have been released from the hospital.

Declan Danahy saw the car back into a parked car and then change directions to go forward.

“Instead of moving forward a little bit she just went all the way,” Danahy said.

He said he managed to move out of the way and avoid injury.

“It was really scary,” he said.

McClurg met with parents Monday morning to address any concerns. Some parents said they felt the crash was an accident and not caused by a safety issue at school.

For children like Danahy , there will be counselors available on campus.

"They met early today to prepare for any students who might need to talk about the accident." McClurg said.

One parent told NBC 7 that she was impressed the fence was fixed over the weekend.

“When the kids come back everything will be back to normal as much as it could be,” said Lorie Van Tilburg.

The incident is under investigation. No decision has been made on whether to charge the driver.

“It was a rear bumper to rear bumper accident. She hit one vehicle and it appears she panicked and moved forward at a high rate of speed,” Lt. Scott Bender said.

Police say nine children, ages 11 months to nine years old, were hurt in the crash. Six of them taken to area hospitals, some with injuries initially described by authorities as "traumatic."

A five-year-old with a broken femur suffered the worst injury, police said.

The K-6 elementary school is part of the Del Mar Union School District.

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