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Dedicated Bike Lanes Coming to 30th Street in North Park

Bike lanes in North Park may mean street parking would be eliminated in some areas

Update: After a vote Tuesday, the North Park Planning Committee recommended eliminating parking spaces altogether. Councilmember Chris Ward will take that recommendation to Mayor Kevin Faulconer who will make a final decision.

Dedicated bike lanes are being considered for a stretch of 30th Street in North Park. Right now, resident and community planning groups are trying to decide on a final design plan.

There are three options being considered: One for 30th Street between Howard Ave. and Upas Street (Segment 1, Options A, B and C), and two for the area between Upas Street and Juniper Street into South Park (Segment 2, Options A and B).

Scroll to see the proposed designs.

Recently, North Park Main Street, which promotes business in the area, recommended a design that will create dedicated bike lanes with parking remaining against the curb for the north end of 30th Street. But south of Upas, street parking would be eliminated.

“I have a family. I live in North Park, and we're interested in created a community where we can ride our bikes with our kids,” said North Park resident Matt Stuckey. “In other cities that they’ve put this in, it ends up benefitting business. Business goes up, it’s a more pleasant environment, so I think the business community is on board.”

Stuckey supports the drive to add dedicated bike lanes once a pipeline replacement project on 30th Street is complete.

“It’s not safe for families, for kids, even older people that want to ride bikes and go a little slower and don’t want a bus behind them honking at them,” said Stuckey.

But not everyone likes the idea of adding bike lanes. At community meetings, some have expressed concerns about losing parking, ADA requirements, and losing areas for service vehicles and deliveries.

“It will cause accidents. There’s going to be anger for pedestrians and for vehicles alike,” said long time restaurant owner Giuseppe Romano.

Romano said businesses need the parking spaces that will be eliminated.

Meanwhile, cyclists are in favor of any plan that makes 30th Street safer for bike riders.

Yussef Milburn rides his bike daily on 30th Street and is in favor of a plan that would eliminate the center turn lanes.

“It’s a really wide road. There’s actually a lot going on and yet we’re getting constantly pinched to the side between the cars that are maybe parking in and pulling out, swinging the doors open. And then we’re looking at the middle of the road, there’s so much empty space there. Why can’t cars be moved over a little bit and give us some extra space too,” said Milburn.

The North Park Planning Committee will meet at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday at the North Park Christian Fellowship at 2901 North Park Way.

Councilmember Chris Ward will take community recommendations and then present them to Mayor Kevin Faulconer, who will make the final design decision.

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