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‘Death by Cop' Text Sent by Woman in Rock ‘n' Roll Marathon Incident

A woman whose actions interrupted San Diego's Rock 'n' Roll Marathon sent a text to a friend saying "Death. By cop."

The text message was entered into evidence Tuesday during a pretrial hearing for Mona Elease Williams in San Diego Superior Court. 

Williams, 58, faces criminal charges of resisting an officer by force with personal use of a dangerous weapon as well as a hit and run charge.

She has pleaded not guilty and faces decades behind bars if she's convicted. 

On June 3, Williams was arrested by San Diego police officers at the parking garage two blocks from the finish line for the largest annual marathon in San Diego.

Close to 5,000 athletes were moved to a designated "safe zone" because Williams was spotted with a weapon. The weapon was later determined to be a pellet gun.


Lisa Wilson met the defendant at a homeless shelter and loaned her a vehicle. 

When she texted Williams asking about her vehicle, Williams responded with the text "Death. By cop."

Williams then texted, "I'm sorry I can't take this addition [sic] anymore it ruins everything."

Wilson said when she learned there was an active shooter downtown, her heart sank. 

An officer fired two shots at Williams, missing her. One SDPD officer was injured in the leg when he misfired his own weapon, officials said.

Williams eventually dropped the weapon near A Street and 2nd Avenue. Soon after, she was taken into custody without incident.

The marathon resumed shortly after with no athletes injured. 

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