Dealing With Car Dealership Add-Ons

NBC 7 Responds with some advice on

Consumers are nearing the beginning of car shopping season, the time when most new cars are sold each year.

In preparation for it, NBC 7 Responds spoke to a top car expert for some information on which add-ons you should add to the list of options when buying your next new car.

“The question I get most frequently is should I get the extended car warranties,” says Matt Jones the Senior Consumer Advice Editor for Edmunds.

Jones says the extended warranty is a case by case decision and is dependent on your financial situation.

“For the average american if they have a major automotive fail, you know a 5-thousand dollar repair, that could be utterly devastating,” said Jones.“I hate to see people throw money away on warranties that they’ll never use but I really hate to see people be like I don’t know what I am going to do now, like I have to get this repair done or pay rent.

That’s why Jones says you need to examine your situation before saying yes or no to an extended warranty.

And, if you do decide, Jones suggests avoiding signing up for an extended warranty on the drivetrain, and instead opt for the bumper to bumper warranty.

Next up; are those maintenance plans the dealership offers worth the cost?

Jones said that while they are often helpful in keeping up with all required maintenance, for new cars they are usually nothing more than oil changes and other routine work.

“I’d say if it’s a new car and only oil changes and other routine maintenance work will be done, then it’s probably not the most cost-effective.” 

And then, how about those paint and fabric protection plans?

Jones told NBC 7 Responds that it depends on your financing.

“If people are leasing a car that they are going to give back and they know that they are going to be tough on the car then I say yeah, go ahead and buy that paint and fabric protection.”

But, if you plan on keeping the car for years then it may be best to forego the fabric or paint protection.

Above all, said Jones, don’t rush into any decisions at the dealership.

“Go home and think about it because nine and ahalf times out of ten that deal will still be at the dealership the next day and that car will still be at the dealership the next day but you can stop yourself from making a mistake.”

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