Dead Great White Shark Washes Ashore in Carlsbad

A dead great white shark was spotted in the waves of Carlsbad State Beach Sunday morning.

NBC 7 obtained video from the Goulart family that shows the shark flipping around in the waves. The family was setting up for a birthday party when they saw the shark in the water. They pulled the shark ashore and quickly called the lifeguards.

A lifeguard told NBC 7 that the shark was about 5 to 6 feet long and appeared to be injured around its mouth. They said it looked like it was hooked by a fisherman or hurt by a boat.

A great white shark was caught on camera on Carlsbad State Beach. NBC 7's Erika Cervantes has more.

The people who saw the shark up-close said it was on the beach for about an hour-and-a-half. Lifeguards blocked the area, so people couldn't get too close to it.

But, the Goulart's tell NBC 7 that seeing a great white shark up close was a sight to see.

"You know it kind of added as a day to remember. To actually see a great white shark, which again is so sad to see, but it was also pretty amazing to see," said Katie Goulart.

The shark was picked up by marine life officials who would have experts determine how it died, a lifeguard said.

Editor's Note: A previous story said SeaWorld San Diego officials retreived the shark. The error has been fixed. 

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