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Critically Injured Girl Is ‘Silent Warrior': Judo Instructor

Raquel Lee Ann Rosete and her 12-year-old friend were hit by a suspected DUI driver in Tierrasanta Saturday

The 10-year-old girl hospitalized after she and a friend were hit by a driver in San Diego's Tierrasanta neighborhood is “a silent warrior,” her judo instructor told NBC 7.

Raquel Lee Ann Rosete has been in critical condition at Rady Children’s Hospital since Saturday, when driver Julianna Little, 30, drove onto the sidewalk on Santo Road and struck the girls, according to San Diego police.

Raquel’s family did not want to release information about her condition, only saying it was critical Monday. Her friend suffered serious, non-life threatening injuries.

David Newcomb teaches Raquel judo at Naval Air Station North Island. Raquel’s father just retired from the Navy, and the family was planning to move from Tierrasanta soon.

"Just kind of portray how awesome of a girl she is. She's a real good fighter,” said Newcomb. “She's a warrior, super intelligent. Usually came back first place from her competitions and stuff. So it's very hard to see her in this state right now."

Her injuries are life-threatening. But Newcomb hopes the little warrior will fight her way out of danger.

"She's very attentive. She has got a great personality and very respectful,” the instructor said. “She's like a silent warrior. She doesn't speak that much in class, but man, she knows how to put on a good show."

Newcomb helped set up a GoFundMe page for the family, and a vigil for the girls is planned for Thursday.

After the crash that injured the victims, Little – the accused driver – fled the scene and later returned with her father. Police said she told them she fell asleep at the wheel.

She was booked into Las Colinas Detention Facility on three felony charges, including driving under the influence causing bodily injury. She is being held on a $1 million bail, and her arraignment is scheduled for Wednesday.

The driver's attorney, Anthony Solare, said this has been hard on Little.

“Obviously these cases are tragic for everybody,” said Solare. “My client, I spoke with her yesterday, is absolutely devastated over what happened. Both her and her family have asked me to express their deep concern and best wishes and prayers for those two children."

Solare told NBC 7 there is important information about his client’s culpability that is still unknown.

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