Creep Steals Sick Little Girl's Tricycle

"I want that bike back" -- Avery Schmid doesn't just want her bike back. She needs it back. Avery is 5 years old and has cerebral palsy.

"After five years of occupational and physical therapy," said her father, Nathan, "we were fortunate enough to make it on a wish list for an AmTryke, a special-needs bike for those with mobility issues."

Last Friday, after an anonymous donation, Avery got her AmTryke.  She rode it on the beach, where the little girl who's never walked on her own felt something amazing.

"I was like, 'This is weird, because I feel like I'm running,' " Avery said.

But on Sunday night, just two days after she received her AmTryke, it was stolen from her front yard in Chula Vista.

"Pretty obvious that it's a special-needs bike," Nathan said. "I think that's a few steps away from stealing somebody's wheelchair, so it was a gut-wrenching feeling."

Now, Avery has to go back on a waiting list to get another AmTryke, unless whoever stole hers comes to their senses and brings it back.  

If the thief doesn't return it, there is a way to help Avery -- and any other child who needs an AmTryke -- get one. 

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