Cover-up Crowd 1, Naked Riders 0

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A federal judge has ruled against the organizer of a naked bike ride scheduled for next week, according to the

Judge Larry Burns said that freedom of speech couldn’t be used as a rationale to put the San Diego's anti-nudity law on hold.

The judge said the city has "a substantial interest and right to regulate public nudity," according to Gina Coburn, a spokeswoman for the City Attorney's Office.

Bicyclists filed a lawsuit, hoping to overturn San Diego's anti-nudity ordinance in time for San Diego's World Naked Bike Ride.

According to an article posted by the, 20-year-old Sarah Bush has been helping to organize the bike ride, which may take place on June 12. Though a city ordinance prohibits public nudity, Bush and her attorney intend to file a request for an injunction to allow the nude bike ride to take place, the online news site reported.

The World Naked Bike Ride is a protest event slated for more than 25 cities worldwide that is meant to call attention to oil dependence.

With slogans like "As Bare As You Dare" and "More A@# Less Gas," the events goals, according to its fliers and publications, are to promote car-free lifestyles and encourage people to love their bodies.

The event, which is scheduled to begin Saturday, June 12, at 5 p.m. at Evolution Fast Food on Fifth Avenue, has 70 confirmed guests on Facebook. In the event description on the social-media site, organizers said nudity is not required to participate in the event.

"Wear as little as you can while still feeling comfortable about it," the description instructs riders.

The city's nudity laws prohibit the exposure of female breasts "at or below the areola," genitalia and the natal cleft (butt crack). People who violate those laws can face a $500 fine, six months in jail, or both, on misdemeanor charges.  

"The city’s position is that the law will be enforced," Gina Coburn, a spokeswoman for the City Attorney's Office, told the  by e-mail. "The law does not prohibit bike riding. It does prohibit public nudity."

A police official said that officers will on Fifth Avenue on June 12 to monitor the situation.

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