Cop: Son Admitted ‘Virtually Beheading' Parents

Gruesome, horrible details were revealed in court Wednesday describing how a man allegedly killed his parents while they were sleeping in their Carlsbad home.

Dennis Gluck, 44, was in court for a preliminary hearing in Vista as a prosecutor detailed how he allegedly killed his parents -- by virtually beheading them with a machete.

Gluck's father, Harry, 90, and 77-year-old mother, Jean, were found inside their home on Chestnut Avenue Jan. 18. 

Detective Bryan Hargett testified that the accused killer described to him how he committed the murder and when.

  • Prosecutor Steven Carver:  “Did he say whether he struck more than one blow?”
  • Hargett: “He said more than one blow.”
  • Prosecutor Steven Carver: “Did he say why?”
  • Hargett: “He didn't want them to suffer. He wanted it over quickly.”

Hargett testified that Gluck told him he first struck his mother in the neck and then he struck his father in the neck and chest and set him on fire.

  • Prosecutor Steven Carver:  “Did you ask what was the reason for setting Harry on fire?”
  • Hargett: “He was sickened by the sight of him, he said it was very disgusting and messy to begin with.”

Hargett also testified that Gluck said he was angry and “wanted to knock Harry’s teeth out and break every bone in his body.”

A judge bound Gluck over for trial Wednesday.

“I think the judge at the prelim reached the right result,” Carver said.  “Dennis Gluck is responsible for killing his parents… and he gave the statement you heard - that he did it.”

Gluck was arrested in Mexico about six weeks after the murders.  Mexican authorities got word that there was a lone passenger that matched his description.  They stopped the bus and arrested him.

Mexican officials released Gluck to the custody of Carlsbad Police detectives at the San Ysidro Port of Entry.

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