Coast Guard Searches for Missing Boater

The search is on for a missing boater who left Alameda en route to San Diego, Coast Guard officials announced on Monday.

Krzysztof Krasnodebski, 62, left Alameda aboard a 27-foot white sailboat named Amber on July 25.

Krasnodebski's son contacted the Coast Guard on Aug. 1, after he could reach his father by cell phone, the Coast Guard said.

San Diego-based Coast Guard officials say they are broadcasting a message to mariners to be on the lookout.

Krasnodebski may have diverted from his original travel plans and headed to Hawaii, said Coast Guard official Henry Dunphy.

Harbormasters from San Diego to San Francisco have been contacted but there haven’t been any sightings of Krasnodebski’s boat.

The public is asked to contact the Coast Guard at 510-437-4708 with any information.

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