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Clairemont School Teacher Returns to Classroom After Allegations of Bullying

Fifteen parents accused Marcos Salazar of bullying and verbally abusing their kids. The reports first began coming in September 2016.

A local school teacher accused of bullying and abusing students has been reinstated by the San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) and will be returning to the classroom--a decision that isn't sitting well with some parents in Clairemont.

Fifteen parents accused Marcos Salazar of bullying and verbally abusing their kids, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune. They accused the teacher of pushing or having other physical contacts with their child.

Salazar is the sixth grade Math and Science teacher at Longfellow Elementary School in Clairemont.

A district spokeswoman confirmed to NBC 7, all 15 complaints first began coming in September 2016.

But the school and the district decided the allegations were unfounded. A judge also denied a request filed by the parents for a restraining order against Salazar.

He will return to the classroom with a co-teacher and will do professional training, the school principal said.

One parent told NBC 7, the decision was still concerning.

"Yea it will definitely raise some red flags. I would be very concerned if my child was in this teacher's class," the parent said.

Another parent told NBC 7, she thought it was appropriate for the school to look into the allegations. But she trusted school officials on the decision to put Salazar back into the classroom.

"As a parent, I would always have my children's best interests at heart and hearing from another parent that something like that could be happening would obviously create warning," Nicole Tinoco said.

NBC 7 reached out to Salazar for comment but did not hear back. SDUSD officials said they did not have a comment about the accusations.

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