City Wants Data From SUV That Killed Infant in Point Loma

point loma stroller crash 1

The city attorney’s office filed a petition Wednesday to get all the data from an SUV that crashed into a man and his baby daughter, killing the infant.

Attorneys requested a hearing on a petition to preserve evidence from the 2004 Chevrolet Suburban’s computer system. It could possibly tell them the speed at which the two were hit or if the driver used brakes before the impact.

San Diego Police investigators and city attorneys fear that if they do not get the data, it could be erased.

When asked if gathering this information in case the baby’s family files a lawsuit against the city, a spokesman for the city attorney’s office said he could not answer this.

For the time being, the Suburban will stay in the custody of the SDPD’s traffic investigations unit. A hearing on the petition is scheduled for May 1.

The SUV was taken by police after the March 3 collision in Point Loma. A couple was out for a walk, pushing their 7-month-old girl Juniper Aavang in a stroller, when they came to the intersection of Catalina Boulevard and Canon Street.

The mother made it safely across, but as the father entered the street with the stroller, the Suburban turned onto Canon. The driver did not see the duo and crashed into them.

Both the father and Juniper were taken to the hospital in critical condition. More than a day and a half later, the girl died from a traumatic brain injury.

Neighbors have urged the city council to make changes to that dangerous intersection.

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