Ocean Beach Pier

City of San Diego unveils new Ocean Beach Pier designs

The city says the final design — with expanded fishing areas, gathering spaces and terraced seating — is expected to be unveiled in the spring of 2024

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San Diegans finally got a glimpse of what a brand-new Ocean Beach Pier could look like. The city unveiled three design concepts at its third community workshop for the pier's renewal project on Saturday.

The pier has a long history of being a fishing pier. It's been around for nearly 60 years and gives one of the best lookouts of the San Diego coastline.

But it's in need of structural repairs.

After a study published in 2018, the city determined it may be better to replace it rather than repair it.

"I think it's inevitable that it's going to have to be rebuilt," Ken Jones, an attendee of Saturday's meeting, said. "If it's going to be rebuilt, let's rebuild the best pier we can possibly build. I've been really excited that they've taken a lot of time and effort trying to get people's opinions about different things."

For the past six months, the city and the architecture and design firm Civitas, which also redesigned the north part of the Embarcadero, have been hosting workshops for the community to share their input.

To view the city's full workshop presentation and survey, click here.

Three Potential Designs for the New Ocean Beach Pier:

1. The Braid

Ocean Beach Pier design concept 1: ‘The Braid'

2. The Remora

Ocean Beach Pier design concept 2: ‘The Remora'

3. The Squint Test

Ocean Beach Pier design concept 3: ‘The Squint Test'

"Two of the ideas retain a lot of the historical integrity of the pier. The third one pushes beyond that, but it's inspired by the original design thinking of the pier, and so each of them shows different ways of viewing, surfing, of creating new retail," Scott Jordan, one of the project’s lead designers with Civitas, said.

Each model takes into account the fishing areas, gathering spaces and terraced seating.

"It's incorporating the kids, the fishermen, the surfers and just the casual walkers, so it's really an exciting thing," Daniel Gussman, another attendee, said.

Jones said the pier is vital for the fishing community.

"I just hope everybody gets involved and pays attention to what's going on. It's a big project. It needs people's support," he said.

Eric Duval is the president of the Ocean Beach Historical Society. He remembers watching as the existing pier was built. He says he's excited to see its new potential.

"I really like almost all of the ideas," Duval said.

The city says the final design is expected to be unveiled in the spring of 2024.

You can share your input on the different designs on the project's website here.

There will be multiple opportunities for the public to give their input on the pier, NBC 7's Dana Williams reports.
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