San Diego

City of San Diego Increases Fines to $1,000 for Illegal Dumping

Illegally dumping trash or waste in the city of San Diego and you could be fined up to $1,000 under new penalties announced this week.

“This new fine structure will deliver stiff penalties to anybody who thinks dumping their garbage on the street corner is acceptable behavior,” Mayor Kevin Faulconer said in a written news release.

Under the new system, minor trash or recycling container violations could mean a warning on the first citation but, after three citations, could result in a $240 to $1,000.

Illegal dumping that encroaches on public right-of-way or involves open and leaking oil/paint/other hazardous fluids or biohazardous materials could result in a $100 or $1,000 fine on the first offense depending on the significance.

City officials said a person’s attempt to be compliant will weigh in on the amount of the fine. For example, someone showing no effort to avoid the illegal dumping would face the highest fine.

The new fines went into effect March 6 and the city has already issued a dozen citations.

Residents can report trash or illegal dumping through the city’s “Get It Done” application.

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