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City of Escondido Removes 17 Eucalyptus Trees, Replaces Them

The project will cost about $70,000, the city said Monday

The City of Escondido is replacing something old with something new. 

As part of a beautification project, 17 eucalyptus trees are being removed from Grand Avenue downtown. 

"We have trees that are diseased and aged," said Michelle Geller of the City of Escondido. "Their bark is black." 

Geller added the trees need to come out because they are about 30 years old. 

"Eucalyptus trees are also pretty notorious for their branches becoming brittle and falling out so that's a safety precaution," she said Monday. 

Geller adds the project will cost about $70,000. Of that, about $20,000 is coming from business owners downtown. 

While some small business owners are rooting for the idea, other residents say leave the trees alone. 

"It's a bad thing," said Jose Cantu, who lives in Escondido. "We should not be cutting down a lot of trees or anything." 

The old trees will be replaced with 17 Crepe Myrtle trees, each about six feet tall. 

Vinnie Griffin, who owns Vinz Wine Bar on Grand Avenue, thinks it will be a good change to the street. 

"We're going to get a lot more sunshine," Griffin said. "We'll be able to see the sunset a little bit better. It's going to probably lighten our patio." 

The entire project will take about eight weeks. 

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