Chula Vista

Chula Vista Resident Wins Fantasy 5 Lottery

One lucky Chula Vista resident won the Fantasy 5 lottery, scoring over a half of a million dollars, the California Lottery announced Monday.

The unknown Chula Vista resident matched all five numbers drawn Sunday night.

Odds of winning the top prize are about one in 576,000, according to the California Lottery website.

The ticket was bought at the 7-Eleven on 3rd Avenue in Chula Vista.

The winning numbers were 38-14-20-5-9.

The drawing also saw 290 winners match four of the five numbers, 10,143 match three, and 111,407 match two, according to California Lottery website.

The last perfect match happened on September 5, where two winners split the prize.

When the Chula Vista winner comes forward, the top prize of $518,017 will be waiting for them.

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