San Diego

Children Transported to Hospital Operating Room in Style

For children and their families, it can be scary to have to take a trip to the operating room at Rady Children's Hospital. That's why the staff there has invested in three tiny remote control cars to make the experience more positive. 

The cars are operated by a doctor or nurse. Children can choose to drive the cars or ride as a passenger as they are steered. 

Kids ages three to eight will have the option to cruise in a BMW, Mercedes, or Lamborghini. 

The cars were donated by the San Diego Regional Law Enforcement Agencies through a teddy bear drive that raised money and stuffed animals for the children at the hospital. 

“It’s not just for the child to feel like this is a fun thing to do,” added Dr. Carvalho. “But the stress of surgery falls on the parents too. When they see their child smiling, it makes the separation anxiety a lot easier.”

The hospital said the kids love to use the cars. Andrea Destrajo, 5, was having fun Tuesday at the ribbon-cutting ceremony for them, driving the cars with her little sister, Ashley Jabalde. 

“It’s a very stressful moment when kids come into the operating room for their families,” said Dr. Daniela Carvalho, medical director at Rady Children’s Hospital. “When they see these cars they just light up. They are happy.” 

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