Chargers Travel Packages Could Cost $2K

So you want to go to Cincinnati to watch your beloved San Diego Chargers as they take on the Bengals on Sunday? Well, get ready to pay a hefty price.

"Fans really want to go, it’s just too hard to get there," said Gil Saidy of AER Travel.

Saidy said his company has been offering Chargers travel packages since the mid-1990s, but this year’s trip is a tough sell.

The problem, according to Saidy, is with the flights.

As of Thursday morning, Delta Air Lines was charging around $1,450 for a round trip to Cincinnati. When you add that to AER's $799 three-night hotel and game ticket plan, you're looking at spending just over $2,000.

Also, ticket costs aside, a plane trip to Cincinnati can include a few stops along the way.

"There are no direct flights to Cincinnati,” Saidy said.

Fans flying Delta will have to travel through Salt Lake City. Meanwhile, U.S. Airways is offering flights that layover in Charlotte.

"Some fans are buying tickets to Columbus and Dayton and then driving several hours to Cincinnati", said Saidy.

Although it may sound like a good idea, driving this weekend could be tough due to snowfall predictions.

However, snow and cold temperatures don't bother fans like Marcelino Ugarte.

"It's all about the memories," said Ugarte. "If you're looking at the dollars and cents figures then, yeah, sure, but if you're looking to have a great time and see where it goes from there, that's well worth it."

Fellow Bolts fan, Ross Clark, agreed.

"Bought a couple of thousand dollars worth of extreme cold weather gear and rain gear," Clark said,  "so we're ready for everything. Especially to make a lot of noise."

During Sunday's game, fans will be hoping for a Chargers upset. If they win, their next game will be in Denver.

Saidy said a Denver game would be good news.

"Those packages will sell out in an instant," said Saidy. "It’s closer and much cheaper."

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