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Channeling A Refund for Clairemont Widow

A Clairemont widow said she couldn’t get the refund check she was owed when the company kept sending her the check in her deceased husband’s name.

“He’s probably turning over in his grave, I’m sure, he’s probably so sad,” Pat Brown said, talking about her husband and the trouble she’s had with a refund check. 

Pat’s husband died in 2015 and for years, her cable bill was in her husband’s name, but after he died, she started making necessary changes. 

“I know that eventually all of the accounts should be just in my name,” Pat said. 

One of those accounts was her cable, phone, and internet provider. Her service provider was Time Warner, now known as Spectrum. When the company switched ownership, Pat said she opened a new account with Spectrum because she said she could save money. 

Pat said she had already paid Time Warner for her next month of service when she wanted to switch, so she said she asked if the company could transfer the money to her new account. When the company said no, Pat said she asked for a refund check of $157. 

“They sent me a check, made out to my husband,” Pat said. 

Pat said she took it to her bank and even showed the tellers her husband’s death certificate but the bank said it didn’t matter since the check was made out to her husband and wasn’t endorsed. 

“I was mad, I walked out of there pretty steamed,” Pat said. 

Pat said she called Time Warner again and asked if the company could send her a second check, this time in her name. 

“Well when I get the check, it came payable to the estate of my husband’s name,” Pat said. 

Pat turned to NBC 7 Responds and we reached out to Spectrum. Within a week, Pat received a new check, this time with her name on it. 

In an email, Dennis Johnson, a spokesperson for Spectrum, told NBC 7 Responds, “We sent the refund check to Ms. Brown in her name and she is satisfied with the resolution. We apologized to her for the delay.”

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