San Diego

Mammoth Mountain Gets More Than Two Feet of Snow

It was a snowy night in the mountain in Northern and Central California.

Friday morning, Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort in the eastern Sierra Nevada woke up to more than two feet of snow.

"Such a great winter in the mountains of Central and Northern California," said NBC 7's Whitney Southwick. "More snow tomorrow and a good chance of another storm next week. Not only is Mammoth enjoying a banner spring on the slopes, they’ve already announced another 'summer of skiing and boarding' as the mountain plans on staying open until the 4th of July for a second straight year."

The National Weather Service reported about 26 inches of snow overnight and more to come in the next two days.

"Still hoping I can get up there and take advantage!" Whitney added.

Moutain areas in the area north of Los Angeles was also hit with strong windgusts up to 60 miles per hours Thursday night into Friday morning, according to the National Weather Service.

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