CBP Officers Perform Chicken Dance for Leukemia Patient

A group of Customs and Border Protection officers showed their silly side by performing the "Chicken Dance" at the Calexico Port of Entry -- all for a little girl named Alondra.

Nine-year-old Alondra, the daughter of one of the local CBP officers, was recently diagnosed with leukemia. The video of the "Chicken Dance" at the West Port of Entry was intended to cheer her up.

It shows a few officers flapping their arms to the recognizable song and then additional officers joining them. At the end, the officers shout, "Alondra, we love you!"

One of the officers posted the video on Facebook on Tuesday, which has now amassed more than 3,000 shares. The officer states: "She is the 9-year-old daughter of one of our own brothers in blue that was recently diagnosed with leukemia. Keep fighting!!! We love you!!!"

The post encourages others to share silly videos with Alondra.

A CBP spokesman said in an email to NBC 7 that the 90-second video was filmed when the border was not at risk and traffic flow was not impacted.

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