Carlsbad Denies Alcohol License for K1 Speed

A popular go-kart company was denied an alcohol license in Carlsbad.

The Carlsbad City Council voted 4-1 to reject the planning commission’s decision to approve the permit to sell alcohol for K1 Speed. The only dissenting vote was Carlsbad Mayor Matt Hall.

The Planning Commission approved K1 Speed’s request on May 3; however, local prevention organizations appealed the request to the City Council.

The public was invited to the Carlsbad City Council meeting Tuesday where the issue was discussed.

K1 Speed owner David Danglard said the company needs the beer and wine service to stay competitive. He's now considering moving the company up the road

"Top Golf is moving very close to us next to Dave and Busters on the 78 and there is space available. What a better world to be all together and doing the same thing instead of being stuck in an old building that is actually more expensive than a new one," Danglard said.

The North Coastal Prevention Coalition (NCPC), a non-profit organization representing education, law enforcement and prevention and treatment, addressed the council Tuesday night.

NCPC conducted a local survey, from concerned residents and youth from Carlsbad and the North Coastal Region, and concluded that people do not support K1 Speed selling alcohol; due to the fear of promoting drinking and driving.

"The council members realize the impact of alcohol, especially at a go-kart racing facility and realize that connection of alcohol and race car driving is not a fit for Carlsbad," said Erica Leary with NCPC.

The location in Carlsbad would have been the first K1 Speed franchise to sell alcohol in California.

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