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Business is Booming for Bike Shops During Pandemic

Adams Avenue Bicycles in North Park is slammed with business and having to book appointments for sales and maintenance two weeks out.

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The roads might feel lighter these days without the usual traffic, but as a result bike shops like Adams Avenue Bicycles in North Park are seeing record sales.

"It’s a safe option to get out and get some exercise while we are locked down and restricted to what we can do,” said shop owner Chuck Cofer.

Cofer told NBC 7 an influx of new bike purchases and maintenance requests for old ones has his appointment logs booked two weeks out.

“Kind of gives you an idea of how many bikes are being pulled out of garages and backyards,” said Cofer.

On Friday, bicyclist Jean was in the shop for brake adjustment.

“I used to be a major bike rider and I’ve been getting back on it since this all happened,” said Jean.

As an essential business, bike stores have stayed open. Cofer did furlough a few employees and received a PPP check, so he’s OK for now.

“I certainly feel that there’s a bubble effect right now. I don’t think it can maintain this pace indefinitely,” said Cofer.

Adapting to safety guidelines inside is challenging, but staying safe on two wheels comes with its own set of challenges.

“A lot of pedestrians. And the pedestrians are the ones I have to be careful with, because they are not looking where they’re going. But it’s much better than having too many cars,” said Jean.

Wearing masks serves a real reminder for all of us that the future is unknown.

“You’re extremely happy and pleased that business is so good. But there’s definitely a lot of stress and the unknown,” said Cofer.

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