Bonita surgeon expected to change plea in patient death case, patient's family says

Dr. Carlos Chacon faces a lifetime revocation of his medical license and three years in prison if he pleads guilty to voluntary manslaughter

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The family of a young mother who died after a botched breast augmentation surgery says the Bonita doctor responsible has agreed to a plea deal.

Moises Espinoza told NBC 7 he was contacted by the deputy district attorney handling his wife’s case and was told that Dr. Carlos Chacon will plead guilty on July 1 to a single charge of voluntary manslaughter.

In exchange, he will spend three years in prison instead of the potential 15 years to life if he was convicted of second-degree murder.

Megan Espinoza went to Chacon’s Divino Surgery Center in 2018 for a breast augmentation.

Testimony in Chacon’s preliminary hearing showed she was anaesthetized by a nurse who was not licensed to do so. When Espinoza went into distress and suffered a heart attack, the medical professionals who were supposed to care for her waited three hours before calling 911. Testimony showed Chacon saw four other patients while Espinoza lay on the table, with the life draining out of her.

“It was unbelievable,” said Moises, adding that Chacon valued profits over humanity.

As part of the plea deal explained to him, Moises said Chacon will face a lifetime revocation of his medical license. 

“The fact that no one else is ever going to have to go through this, no other family is ever going to have to suffer this again, is a relief to me, and I think a win for Megan,” Moises said.

Dr. Chacon refused to call 9-1-1 for more than 3 hours and he also forbade his employees from doing so, according to Deputy District Attorney Gina Darvas.

Moises and his brother-in-law, David Gorcey, called the plea deal bittersweet because it won’t bring Megan back. 

“There's no sentence that will change the reality for us, but what we’re taking some comfort in is the fact that this person won’t be able to do this to anyone again,” said Gorcey, Megan’s big brother.

Gorcey said Megan would be happy that the family fought to get some justice for her.

“She was just so loving and positive,” Gorcey said. “The world would be a better place if there were more Megans in it.”

NBC 7 reached out to the prosecutor of the case. Gina Darvas confirmed she expects a plea on July 1 but didn’t reveal the details.

Chacon’s lawyer, Marc Carlos, said he cannot comment until after court.

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