Black Friday morphs into online, in-person shopping excursion

One expert told NBC7 Black Friday has morphed into an online and in-person shopping event with mostly the same incentive deals available on both platforms.

Retailers know people prefer the convenience of shopping online and have become accustomed to curbside pickup.

Clinical professor of finance Dan Roccoto told NBC7 there are a few trends to be seen, with Black Friday lasting through the weekend into Cyber Monday.

“You and I in parking lots overnight with sketchy people fighting for the last large screen tv. It’s still that but it’s really morphed into an online event," said Roccoto.“It used to be the best deals were in store. More and more retailers now are basically offering the same deals online as they are in store.”

Retailers have had to adapt to the convenience of retailers like Amazon with faster delivery and curbside pickup.

“We’ve gotten used to pulling up. Having our products brought out to our car and taking off,” said Roccoto.

At big box stores like Best Buy, plenty of shoppers still shopped inside Friday

“I asked the guy who brought me my TV out. He said it was busy in all regards,” said one shopper.

Alfredo Harris had just come from Tijuana Friday morning.

“Just go to the TV area and then you don’t even have to spend (much time). We spent ten minutes  and we are leaving with a tv now,” said Harris.

Shoppers are well aware of the shipping delays and supply chain shortages occurring as of late.

“I had a dream last night. In my dream it’s like oh there’s gonna be a supply shortage. Buy extra stuff. I’ve been thinking about that all day, last couple weeks,” shopper Eric Sprouse.

That didn’t seem to be the issue Friday.

“There are thousands of TV’s. If you come early, you’re gonna get a TV,” said Harris.

Roccato said the best deals will be toys, electronics and kitchen gadgets.

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