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Beekeepers Notice Busier Swarm Season This Year

Recent swarm sightings have San Diegans buzzing.

February through August is considered swarm season in San Diego and beekeepers say this year has been even busier than usual because of all the rain the region has seen.

"The more rains, the more lush, the more green everything is full of life," said Dan Luong of Bee Man Dan bee removal. "So you have more bee activity, just in relation to what went on with the environment." 

Luong specializes in bee removal and relocation. In his 15 years in the business he has helped to relocate 3,000 colonies, each with roughly 30,000 bees, he said.

"I call them my boss and I think that’s probably most appropriate because they run the show and I’m just kind of there to help facilitate the process," Luong said.

Swarms are usually gentle and rarely sting unless directly provoked. They occur when there is overcrowding in a beehive and act as temporary homes for bees until they fly away looking for a permanent one.

If you spot one on your property, Luong recommends you leave it alone. 

"For the most part, swarms -- when they park on a bush or a tree, side of a wall -- if they’re not underneath something, there’s a really good chance they’re gonna fly away anyways," Luong said.

If you choose to remove it, don’t try to do it yourself; call an expert. Luong asks that you choose someone who specializes in rescuing and relocating bees rather than exterminating them. The San Diego Beekeeping Society has a list on their website

"We’re all interconnected and we have a place in the world and my place is, for right now, to rescue them and save them the best that I know how and the best that they’ve shown me how," Luong said.

For those interested in learning more about beekeeping, "Bee Man Dan" will be hosting a workshop this Sunday at 2 p.m. at Hawthorne Country Store in Escondido. 

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