Last Call for Booze at Beach

San Diego voters have decided to ban alcohol consumption on city beaches, making permanent a temporary ban that was imposed after a massive beach brawl last year.
Proposition D had the support of 54 percent of voters with 91 percent of precincts reporting early on Wednesday.

"Frankly, I think the people of San Diego have spoken that they want
safe beaches, they want police in the neighborhoods and not babysitting drunks at the beach," spokesman Jim Lantry said at San Diego's Golden Hall.
Last November, the City Council passed a temporary booze ban after a drunken brawl over Labor Day weekend in the city's Pacific Beach neighborhood. About 70 police officers, some in riot gear, were needed to break up the melee.
The temporary ban was scheduled to expire Jan. 14.
Supporters said they wanted to make beaches safer for families and tourists. Opponents said the blanket ban goes too far and would hurt businesses.

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