As I Lay Dying Frontman Sentenced

As I Lay Dying frontman, Tim Lambesis, was sentenced today

As I Lay Dying frontman, Tim Lambesis, was sentenced to six years in prison without probation today in a San Diego Superior courtroom for his involvement in a murder-for-hire plot directed at his then-wife, Meggan. The sentencing also prohibited contact with his two children and his ex-wife until May 2024.  

The courtroom was wrought with drama, as character witnesses -- including his ex-wife, Meggan Murphy -- took to the stand to appeal to the judge to hand down the maximum sentence.

"My name used to be Meggan Lambesis. And up until two years ago, my heart was entirely devoted to him," Murphy began. "I trusted him with everything, including my life ... When the one person who you've been most vulnerable with and the most intimate with; who you've entrusted with every aspect of your life; who has not only desired but planned your murder -- you're left feeling completely exposed and unprotected. Who can I trust now? How can I feel safe?"

Murphy's mother also spoke out against Lambesis before his sentencing. "On [this past Mother's Day], I felt deep gratitude for the life of Meggan and my two sons," she said. "But was reminded again fo the unspeakable pain and loss that our family narrowly missed. There was the feeling of utter despair at the thought of having a daughter murdered, coupled with the unbearable realization that our grandchildren would have lost a mother for a second time. For me, Mother's Day will no longer be a carefree time slowly filled with lighthearted joy but will be a day that serves as a reminder that our world has forever changed with uncertainty and underlying fear because of Tim Lambesis."

The sentiment was echoed by his ex-wife: "The question of who Tim talked to or will talk to will forever haunt me. The scariest thing is Tim's notoriety. He has followers that will do anything for him. It's terrifying to think there are people out there motivated to kill me on his behalf." 

She then produced a long list of vicious twitter posts directed at her from As I Lay Dying's fans.

"I'm begging you today to free us from this man who wants to end my life and orphan my children," she continued. "I'm begging you for safety and peace of mind. I do not believe Tim has changed since his arrest. In fact, he has persisted in bullying me through his lawyer's request that I do not speak in court today ... The one thing I know about Tim is that he is persistent and will not take 'no' for an answer. He will not rest until he knows he has won. I'm asking you to give him the maximum sentence in prison, as well as a lifetime restraining order from myself and my children."

Today's sentencing effectively completed the shocking fall from grace for the charismatic singer who, until his arrest in May 2013, enjoyed a successful and lucrative musical career with the locally based heavy metal band. When news of his arrest broke, it perplexed members of the local music community, including SoundDiego contributor Tim Pyles of FM 94/9.

"He’s not the idealistic young Christian kid he once was, apparently," Pyles said last spring. "Because that’s what [As I Lay Dying] are: a straight-edged Christian metal band. He was a nice guy. I’ve had him on my show a couple times over the years. I just spoke to him via Facebook the last couple months about having him come on to talk about his latest record."
As I Lay Dying formed more than a decade ago and released eight albums, including the Grammy-nominated An Ocean Between Us, which came out in 2007, according to band publicity. The band is also a mainstay of the San Diego Music Awards, nominated in 2012 for Best Hard Rock Album for Decas, winning for Best Hard Rock the year before that. In 2008, 2007 and 2005, the band took home the SDMA statuettes for Artist of the Year. As I Lay Dying were slated to go on a cross-country tour with the Massachusetts metal band Killswitch Engage until Lambesis’ arrest.
Fans of Lambesis and As I Lay Dying voiced their shock and disbelief on Twitter and Facebook after Lambesis was accused of the crime. One fan wrote, "Tim, please tell me the rumors aren’t true," and another posted, "Seems like he is the greatest guy in the world; he adopted a kid from Ethiopia."
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