Former Teacher Claims Aristotle University Owes Her Money

Karin, who did not want her last name used, said dean and co-founder of Aristotle University Xanthi Gionis hired her to be an adjunct teacher at Aristotle in September 2011.

“It was such a great opportunity to bring these students to the United States. It was such a win-win situation for everybody I thought.”

Karin taught four classes that year, each class was about three hours. After that her job at Aristotle University was complete. She believes she helped her students, who were working to get their masters degrees in public health.

“I taught on resume preparation , health care delivery systems in the us and nursing and the law.”

Karin and Xanthi Gionis became close. When Xanthi ran for Congress, she asked Karin for a $5,000 loan in May 2012.

“She said, ‘I used up all my money for the campaign is there any way you can lend me some money?’

Karin agreed.

An email reveals that on May 25, Xanthi asked Karin for $2,500 more. Karin agreed, but needed to be repaid quickly.

“Then when I started asking for it, it was always one excuse after another.”

Karin checked on Aristotle's credentials.

The state Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education told her, Aristotle was not licensed.

“That's when I decided these poor students, they are wasting their time and money on a degree that's not going to get them anywhere.”

Karin's kept asking Xanthi to repay those loans.

On July 2nd by email, Xanthi replied "Please calm down I am waiting for my wire."

Three days later in another email, Karin told Xanthi she was filing a complaint in small claims court.

The judge decided Karin didn't have evidence against Xanthi Gionis.

Karin says she re-filed against Aristotle University, that case is still pending.

"It’s made me not trust people anymore and that's hard," she said. 

Karin still says, she needs her money back but she also wants to help the students at Aristotle University.

“Here’s what I want, I want them to get a real degree in a real school that's worth something.”

NBC 7 Investigates emailed Xanthi Gionis, which is the way we've communicated with her before..and asked her about these allegations. She did not respond.

Gionis ran for Congress and was defeated in the June 2012 primary.

She is currently running in a special election for California state senate, District 40.

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