Anonymous Donor Comes to Sick Little Girl's Rescue

An anonymous donor helps girl with cerebral palsy

If you don't smile after reading this story, you might not have a soul. 

Avery Schmid is a 5-year-old with cerebral palsy who had her special AmTryke stolen on Sunday night, just two days after receiving it.  Now for the good part.

After seeing Avery's story, a good samaritan (who asked to remain anonymous) called and offered to buy her a new one.  The special tricycle could be at Avery's home in Chula Vista by next week.  

The person making the donation says looking into that little girl's face nearly evoked tears.  All the person is asking for in return is a picture of Avery on her new tricycle to put on a desk at work.

As much as we see death and destruction and gloom and doom and recession and depression on the news, it's easy to forget the world is full of good, charitable people, too. 

Thank you to whoever did this wonderful deed and for helping us remember that.

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