Amber's Mom Confronts Gardner's Mother

Tuesday was the last visitation day for John Gardner before he is sentenced on Friday for murdering Amber Dubois and Chelsea King. It was also the last chance Carrie McGonigle would have to speak to her daughter's murderer before she would see him in court and give him a piece of her mind.

"The only way I can see him is if [Gardner's family] give up their visit," McGonigle told NBCSanDiego.

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So, McGonigle waited outside the jail on Monday to try and talk to Gardner's family. 

"They saw me and ran," McGonigle said afterward.

On Tuesday, McGonigle went back and once again saw Gardner's mother and sister. Gardner's sister went inside and checked in at the jail.

When she came outside, she was asked if she had anything to say to McGonigle. 

"I"m sorry," the woman said as she walked by McGonigle.

"I just want to talk to your brother," McGonigle answered back.

A few minutes later, Gardner's mother, Catherine Osborn, walked up with an unknown woman by her side. McGonigle walked straight up to Osborn to speak with her

"I just want to visit with your son," McGonigle told Osborn.

As Osborn and the other woman walked by, the third woman lightly pushed McGonigle aside.

"Don't touch me," McGonigle told the unidentified woman. "I will hit you."

"Don't touch her, don't touch her,"said Gardner's Mom to the unidentifed woman.

"Stay away from her," the woman told McGonigle.

"I'm not here to harass you," McGonigle told Osborn. "I want to talk to your son and find out why he murdered my daughter."

Osborn, however, remained silent and walked into the jail.

Two weeks ago, Gardner said publicly that he would be willing to talk to either of his victim's parents whenever they wanted to speak to him. Since then McGonigle has tried to get a meeting with him. 

"I've e-mailed him twice, I've talked to his attorneys, came down to the jail three times," McGonigle said. "It just shows he's a coward. He's too afraid to talk to the mother of the girl he murdered."

After visiting her son, Osborn covered her face as she got into a waiting car, and Gardner's sister shouted to the media,"We're sorry beyond you don't even know."

McGonigle has said that she wants to question Gardner about her daughter's death prior to the killer's sentencing because she is afraid he won't talk to her after the parents read their victim impact speeches. While she had threatened in the past to not attend the sentencing if she didn't speak to Gardner beforehand, she said she has now changed her mind and will go to Friday's court date.

McGonigle was wearing a microphone during her discussion with Osborn because McGonigle was about to be interviewed -- Ed.

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