Air Quality Tips for San Diegans

In the wake of the wildfires in San Diego, the air quality across the county has been impacted, according to county officials. Thus, locals are advised to follow a few tips to reduce their exposure to the smoke and air pollution.

According to the San Diego County Air Pollution Control District, air quality is currently considered less than moderate. In areas near the fires, elevated levels of particulate matter may result in unhealthy air quality.

In turn, exposure to smoke and particulate matter can cause eye and respiratory tract irritation and difficulty breathing, especially for those who suffer from chronic lung diseases such as asthma.

To avoid this, county health officials say locals should stay indoors if they haven’t been asked to evacuate and reduce physical activity outdoors. Also, residents can run their air conditioner or central air conditioning system, which provides a fresh air option without opening windows.

In extreme cases, health officials recommend residents relocate to an area not impact by smoke from the fires.

Meanwhile, Scripps Health also offered a few public health tips.

For instance, Scripps Health says people with chronic lung diseases should stay away from fire areas until the smoke clears and cannot be smelled or tasted.

“Be patient, as ashes can smolder for a long time after the fires are extinguished,” Scripps Health officials said.

Anyone who experiences shortness of breath and chest pain should head to an emergency department for evaluation.

Finally, anyone suffering from feelings of anxiety during the fires should spend time with friends and family, and “reflect on the successes of emergency responders and preservation of human life,” according to Scripps.

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