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After 42 Years Lowrider Magazine Will No Longer Be Printed

Lowrider Magazine was first published in 1977

A picture of Lowrider Magazines throughout the years

After 42 years Lowrider magazine will no longer be published in print, confirmed Joe Ray, editor-in-chief of Lowrider Magazine.

“It's bittersweet, I was raised by that magazine,” said Juan Wicho Flores, a member of a Lowrider community in San Diego.

Lowrider Magazine was first published in 1977 and covered political and cultural issues as well as cars, music, and fashion.

It didn’t just teach me about cars, politics and community involvement but it has taught me to give back to my community

Flores said

Lowrider Magazine has since been dubbed the “bible” of a cultural phenomenon and popular within the Chicano culture.

The magazine was more than a form of expression as it defied the negative and stereotypical perceptions of lowriders as tough and gang members, according to Flores.

Ray said that the magazine will now be published in all their digital platforms and website after their last print in March 2020.

“It will not be the last you hear from us. With a current social network of over 4 million people, we will continue to push Lowrider through all our digital platforms and in doing so we will be introducing fresh content, more frequent updates and expanding our coverage of the culture,” Ray posted on Lowrider’s social media accounts.

Flores said the magazine was not only about cars but that it was a lifestyle and cultural relevance that he hopes would keep alive.

“It’s a cultural thing it’s a lifestyle. It’s just not a hobby it’s actually a lifestyle, it’s our subculture” Flores said.

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