Accused in Gas Station Killing, Cop Shooting Vowed to Be Better Man

The man accused of killing an innocent bystander during a Clairemont gas station robbery last week once vowed to “become a better man” in a hand-written letter to a San Diego judge.

Ahmed Hassan Mumin, 30, was arrested Saturday after a shootout with San Diego Police.

Court records in El Cajon show Mumin was charged with four others in a 2011 case that included 10 counts. Mumin was charged with only kidnapping and robbery but pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of false imprisonment with violence.

Especially poignant is a handwritten letter he wrote to the court. It's dated April 27, 2012. In part it said,"This shameful experience has awakened me to value my life…”

“I cannot change the past, but I will change the future by making wise decisions,” Amin continued. “I will redeem my life and become a better man."

Mumin is accused of killing Eric Scahde, 48, inside an AM/PM on Balboa and Mount Abernathy avenues on April 16.

Early Saturday, San Diego Police Officers James Mackay and Luke Johnson, were called to check out a prowler at an apartment complex on Winona Avenue in City Heights.

As the officers approached the community-use room, they say someone began firing a weapon through the door.

Both officers returned fire, according to San Diego Police.

Mumin was struck at least once in the torso. He was transported to Mercy Hospital where he was expected to recover from his injuries.

[G] Photos of Robbery Suspect Accused of Killing Gas Station Customer

No officers were injured in Saturday's shootout, but Lt. Paul Rorrison said it was a very close call for the two officers involved.

“They were extremely lucky that they were not killed. The rounds that came out of the door there narrowly missed both of them. Fortunately, they moved off to the side got some cover and returned fire immediately,” he explained.

A man suspected of killing a customer during a robbery at a Clairemont gas station earlier this week was shot by police at an apartment complex in City Heights on April 18, 2015. NBC 7’s Diana Guevara reports.
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