Accused Golf Course Embezzler Appears in Court

The woman accused of embezzling nearly $600,000 from a Carlsbad golf course appeared in court for her pretrial conference Monday.

Bound in handcuffs, Dawn Snow, 52, of Murrieta, learned her pretrial hearing would be continued until Sept. 10.

Snow is accused of misusing funds by stealing nearly $600,000 over the last seven years while she worked as the former controller at the Crossings, Carlsbad’s city owned golf course.

Snow allegedly embezzled the money while working for KepmerSports, which manages the golf course, according to the City of Carlsbad.

During her employment, Snow handled all golf course operations and management through a competitively bid contract with the city, going back to the course’s opening. She left KemperSports in August.

Two months after Snow left her position, managers at KemperSports found evidence of a possible misuse of public funds involving a former controller’s credit card and opened an investigation. When they told the City of Carlsbad, they began their own investigation. The results of the investigation have been given to the District Attorney’s office.

KemperSports will reimburse the city for the money it lost.

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