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Who is Jennifer Montgomery?



    Who is Jennifer Montgomery?
    The dollars piled up quickly for the Encinitas resident.

    A woman from San Diego county is the latest Jeopardy! champion.

    Jennifer Montgomery of Encinitas is the development director for Jazz 88.3. That means she raises money for the public radio station.

    Montgomery won by a healthy margin on Monday, but she almost humiliated herself on a clue specifically about San Diego.

    "Padres fans know this feathered trickster has been called 'the Sir Laurence Olivier of mascots. Jennifer," asked host Alex Trebek.

    "What is the Chicken?" replied Montgomery.

    "Be more specific," Trebek urged her.

    "Oh my God, I'm from San Diego!" Montgomery cried. "What is the San Diego Chicken?"

    "Good! Thank you very much!" Trebek countered. "There are many chickens out there."

    You can watch Montgomery try to defend her Jeopardy! title on Tuesday night at 7:30 on NBC 7/39.