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Un-Manned Aerial Drone to Search for Missing Woman



    Un-Manned Aerial Drone to Search for Missing Woman

    Engineers from San Diego State University will use a aerial drone with a high resolution camera to search for Mitrice Richardson, a 24 year-old Cal State Fullerton graduate, the LA Times reported

    The drone is from SDSU's Immersive Visualization Center is able to reach rough terrain and areas that search teams have had a difficult time reaching.
    The drone has been used before to help locate missing persons. It was recently used to search for Chelsea King, a San Diego teen who went missing Feb 25., the Times said.
    Richardson vanished in September after walking out of the Lost Hills sheriff’s station near Malibu.
    Richardson had been arrested for not paying her bill at a Malibu restaurant in September. Based on her diaries, investigators believe that days before her arrest, the Cal State Fullerton graduate had gone without sleep for as many as five nights and described her as having a major mental breakdown. Richardson walked out of the sheriff’s station after being released and hasn’t been seen since.
    The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department will assist with the drone search as well as help cover the costs, the Times reported.