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Today's Dumbest 'Criminal Couple'?



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    Derek Jones (L) and Diana Dypvik (R) are wanted in connection with an arson in University City on June 10.

    What's dumber than intentionally setting fire to someone's car? How about setting your own car on fire in the process?

    That's what arson investigators say Derek Jones, 29, and Diana Dypvik, 21, did on the morning of June 10, 2009.

    The fire, which started around 5:00 a.m. at the La Jolla International Gardens Apartment Complex on Lebon Drive in University City, destroyed two vehicles and damaged the parking garage.

    “A lot of smoke, a lot of noise," Daniel Anthony said. He was one of the first to see the flames. "I hit the alarm on the wall and then I started waking up my neighbors."

    RAW VIDEO, Cars Catch Fire Under Apartment Complex

    [DGO] RAW VIDEO, Cars Catch Fire Under Apartment Complex
    Residents were evacuated from a four-story apartment complex in University City Wednesday morning after two cars caught fire in the parking garage.
    (Published Wednesday, June 10, 2009)

    About 200 residents evacuated, including John Monfort who had just returned from a trip.

    "I got in about 10 p.m. and the fire alarm went off somewhere around 5 o'clock or so, as I remember," he said.

    It took firefighters a while to knock down the flames.

    "Because of all the gasoline that was flowing downhill on fire -- streams of gasoline coming at them and oil and as soon as they'd put it out, it would flare back up again," San Diego Fire and Rescue spokesperson Maurice Luque said.

    By daybreak everyone was allowed back into their home.

    While committing the arson, the suspects accidentally caught their own vehicle on fire, investigators said.

    The suspects should be considered dangerous and should not be approached if seen; instead call 911. Anyone with information on the suspects is encouraged to call the Metro Arson Strike team at (619) 236-6815 and ask for Detective Chris Everett.