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Shootout in the Street



    Shootout in the Street
    Monica Dean

    A party ended with shots fired in the street and three people injured. An off-duty Chula Vista police officer was among those firing their guns.

    The shooting happened in the 600 block of 5th street around 12:30 a.m. Friday.

    Chula Vista police were called after midnight about a loud party that got out of control. Witnesses reported a fight going on in the street and hearing shots fired.

    An off-duty Chula Vista police officer, who lives in the neighborhood, heard shots and went outside, police said.

    Shootout in the Street

    [DGO] Shootout in the Street
    A party ended with shots fired in the street and three people injured. Source: Shootout in the Street | NBCSan Diego
    (Published Friday, May 7, 2010)

    The officer reported seeing a man with a handgun open fire and that’s when the officer fired his weapon and took cover.  He was not injured.

    At this time investigators are not sure if the shots the officer fired struck anyone.

    “In terms of what his obligations were in the moment this went on. He obviously saw a danger to others, possibly to himself and to his family and without having spoken to him, I’m sure that’s what predicated his actions,” said Chula Vista police spokesperson Bernard Gonzales.

    Chula Vista Party Ends in Shooting

    [DGO] Chula Vista Party Ends in Shooting
    Three people were reported injured early Friday after a fight near Halsey Street and Brightwood Avenue. Among those firing shots, an off-duty Chula Vista police officer.
    (Published Friday, May 7, 2010)

    Three people were injured. One woman has a gunshot wound to the leg. A man was shot in the shoulder. Both were taken to the hospital.

    A third person shot in the arm refused treatment but was later taken to the hospital.

    Officers have cordoned off Halsey Avenue near Brightwood during the investigation. With more than 40 people attending the party, officers are detaining a lot of witnesses but are still investigating which partygoers actually fired weapons.