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Teachers to Gov: Enough is Enough

Delegates for the California Teachers Association to march from Convention Center to the governor’s San Diego office



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    Across San Diego teachers are fighting for their jobs.

    Outraged teachers are hoping to send Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger a message. One hundred delegates for the California Teachers Association are expected to march from San Diego’s downtown Convention Center to the governor’s San Diego office Monday.

    They’re protesting proposed cuts to education. The teachers plan to deliver 10,000 postcards from educators across the country pleading with the governor to pass a fair budget.

    Over the weekend the National Education Coalition held its annual conference at the San Diego Convention Center. Ten thousand members attended the event. The group blasted the governor for his proposal to suspend Proposition 98.

    Prop 98 is the voter approved “minimum school funding law” which, in part, requires school funding to be based on what was spent the previous year.

    Last week, after lawmakers were unable to bridge the $26 billion deficit the state began issuing IOU's and state workers received additional furlough notices.

    Democrats have dropped their push for oil and tobacco taxes. But remain firm on protecting children's health insurance and welfare programs.

    Governor Schwarzenegger first proposed suspending Prop 98 last Wednesday. His office says he has since backed off on that plan.

    David Sanchez, President of the California Teachers Association said the governor is feeling pressure.

    “Without that money, you can't possibly run a program in the state of California. Schools may have to shut their doors down,” Sanchez said.

    Meanwhile teachers hit with waves of pink slips are losing patience.

    “We can not go on like this any more. I am tired of being treated like a rag doll. One day I have a job, the next day I do not,” said teacher Lizeth Piskulich.

    California lawmakers are expected to get back to work on the state budget Monday after the holiday weekend. The march to the governor’s office is expected to begin at 9 a.m.