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San Diego Explained

San Diego Explained

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San Diego Explained Answers Your Questions

Welcome to San Diego Explained, a series that answers your questions about the region.



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    What do you want to know about San Diego? 

    NBC 7 and Voice of San Diego are ready to answer anything about local government, education, land use, the environment, homelessness, housing, the border, arts and culture — or other topics you’ve been wondering about. 

    Here are some recent questions we’ve received to get you thinking: 

    • When can police officers pull you over?
    • What is that weird new water tower-looking thing in North Park?
    • What is the status of downtown’s California Theatre?
    • When will the city repair the streets by my home?
    • What does the zoo do with its animal poop? 

    Viewers can also text "Explained" at (619) 202-9051.